Almost there



scene 2_shot 16_06

Scene 4_Shot 30_07


The Film will Premiere May 18th at 7pm at the Norris Theater at the University of Southern California!


Picture Lock and Music Recording


We are picture locked! This means that everything is in time. It was a lot of work to make the deadline, but I’m so happy I did. Now I just need to animate a lot of secondary action and color!

Additionally, Lance (my composer) flew to Boston a few weeks ago and recorded a 20 piece string orchestra for my film with Berklee School of Music Students, as well as vocals for the credit song.




Last week we finished recording the score by recording piano and wind instruments at USC.

Here is our wonderful pianist Zizhu Zhao:

Sound Design is also coming along after some bumps!

Spring Break push!


One full week of no school means time to pump out animation. Luckily I have no homework in any other classes!

As of today I have:

-scene 1 -all animation cleaned up, all layouts finished

-scene 2, all animation roughed, all layouts finished,

-scene 3, missing 3 shots of animation, all layouts finished, half backgrounds colored

-scene 4, 4 shots missing, 2 backgrounds missing, 6 shots with full colored backgrounds

-scene 5-only 30% but mostly stills or near stills

-scene 7-half cat animation done


I think I have become much faster at animating and better. I hope to bust out a lot this week!

My friend Alice has helped paint a few backgrounds and my music is starting to come together!


Meeting with Sound Editor Kenny Hall


My composer and me met with Kenny Hall who teaches at USC. He was a sound editor for movies like Star Trek and Mulan. He was very very helpful in helping spot the sound and music for the film! All of his suggestions really helped tell the story through the music and sound.

Additionally, I know have a foley recording date set in April and are planning the recording of my music.


New Year Progress


Over winter break I gathered several friends to help me finish this overly ambitious film!

First off, my friend Bethany agreed to animate all the cat in my film. She is about half way done and her cat animations look amazing, especially the most recent ones. I think I can see an improvement in her animation and cat drawing ability as well! She loves cats and is very knowledgeable of them so I am very grateful for her contributions to my film!

Secondly, Diana Ling is assisting me by animating several of the head shots in my film. So far she has animated 6 of her agreed-upon several shots. They look amazing and full of life! Facial expressions are a weakness of mine, but they are a strength of hers! She originally was hired for animating birds, but I think this new agreement really utilizes her talents!

I have a few other friends, underclassmen and grad students who have agreed to do 2 or 3 animations for me as well. I can’t wait to see what they do!

Additionally, my friend Angela drew some of the most complex backgrounds for me of the forest. They are amazing. I am switching to a line based style to match.

I have been mainly animating swans and animating the humans in shots related to the cat and drawing backgrounds as of late.